Learn about the Ayurvedic approach to Life in your own time

Nourishing the Self with good habits, food, and yoga practice suiting you personally to achieve the best of your health.

Yoga - Ayurveda - Recreation - Health - Balance - Contentment - Happiness

We are living in those times, when it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves and have our immune system optimal to stay healthy.  Our immune system is optimal when we are in balance and it is more than eating a certain amount of healthy meals per day

You are not what you eat, but what you can digest! - says Ayurveda

Our digestion also depends on the energies which surround us and our ability to understand our own functioning and our relation to nature.

Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to health by helping you re-discover the intelligence of your body and guiding you back to nature to create a lifestyle that supports your health through a daily routine, food, the power of everyday herbs and sun energy, yoga, breathing, relaxation-concentration/meditation practices.

Join me on one of the courses below if you wish to know more!

1 to 1 Ayurveda Course Online

Get in touch to book your picked dates

This course is designed for those who prefer to work in private.

Depending on your interest it can be a 1-4 day personalized retreat online or a guided self-learning on and off line.

The package includes 3 Ayurveda Yoga videos, membership to the Facebook Ayurveda Group to keep on learning, Basics of Ayurveda handout with dosha specific recipes and a private 2 hrs personalised discussion session.


99 EUR*

*Price can vary depending on what you choose

Ayurveda Workshop Online

Dates coming soon...

This 4-day-workshop, which is conducted online will give you a general understanding of Ayurveda and its tips and tricks to maintain health and natural immunity.

During our 4 times 6-7 hours we will learn about the ayurvedic daily routine, cooking and yoga with breathing exercises and concentration/relaxation practices.


120 EUR

4 times 6-7 hours with breaks

30 days into Ayurveda Online

Intake from 1st July onwards anytime

This way of learning is designed for those who got very limited time per day to learn about the different aspects of Ayurveda and wish to be part of a Private Group to receive updates and further education via this forum on a regular basis.  The knowledge is shared  via pre recorded videos, live sessions, discussions and articles.


65 EUR*

*membership of the Private Group


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