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Personalised Yoga Packages in Goa - 

Yoga & Ayurveda


Yoga & Ayurveda Personalised Yoga Package

If you are looking for a yoga retreat which would help you to peel and unfold the different layers of Ayurveda to understand how it can be  part of your everyday life, with the opportunity to enjoy the sun & relax on the beach or explore the area in your free time and all that uniquely designed for you , look no more,  this one's for You!

Combining the very best of hatha/vinyasa flow, different release techniques, breath work, concentration and meditation practices & Ayurveda, we’ll explore how Yoga & Ayurveda can enrich your life and be integrated into it to achieve the best of your health physically and mentally. This is a unique opportunity to better understand who you are, how you function and the needs of your body & mind.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, you are welcome!

Your package starts with an Introduction to Ayurveda session.

During the week you'll enjoy two yoga classes a day with Orsi.

The morning group practice is dynamic Hatha/Vinyasa Flow.

The afternoon private session's yoga part is designed for your constitution. There will be a shorter asana practice followed by breathing techniques, concentration/meditation practices.

The private session also consists consultations on Daily Routine & Nutrition based on Ayurveda. During these sessions you will learn about your constitution and how to align your practice, daily life and food intake to support  the best functioning of your body & mind.

You will also have daily Ayurvedic Massage to support our work.

In your free time you can choose to relax on the beach or explore the area. If you wish to explore we are there to advice you about the best places to visit and assist you with the organisation.

We look forward to welcoming you in GOA!


The accommodation is in wooden or coco beach huts located in a peaceful garden  just few meters away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Palolem beach.

They are spacious, comfortable, clean and contain a double bed or two twin beds, a western-style toilet with hot water.

They are located just 4 minutes walk from the beach and only a few minutes walk from the centre of Palolem with many shops, as well as cozy cafes and restaurants.

As this is a personalised package you can choose:

  • to be non residential & come for the yoga sessions only

  • the budget residential package with Non-AC room

  • the regular residential package with AC room

*The different package prices are listed at the bottom of the page.