One Week Intensive with Vinay Kumar

1-7th April 2020

One Week Intensive with Vinay Kumar Prana Vashya School Mysore

in GOA

 1-7th April 2020


Take your Practice to the Next Level!

Vinay Kumar is a sought-after yoga master and champion based in Mysore, where he runs his own school – Prana Vashya Yoga. He is one of our favourite teachers we regularly go back to practice with. In his studio, he only accepts students who can commit to practising for at least one month (and his courses get booked up well ahead!), and we are bringing you a unique opportunity to experience his style, wisdom and expertise during a one-week course!


Vinay began practicing Hatha yoga at the age of seven and soon moved into Ashtanga practice. He has won top awards in numerous yoga competitions in Mysore, Karnataka state, as well as the All-India and Champion of Champions awards. He also holds a degree in psychology and has been teaching yoga since he was a teenager.


Over the years, he has developed his own yoga style, a dynamic flow of asanas which he called Prana Vashya Yoga. The Primary Series of Prana Vashya Yoga is a challenging and well-balanced, breath-focused sequence targeting all major areas of the body and types of asanas. The Prana Vashya system also includes pranayama and backbending/ overall strength and flexibility classes.

Vinay stands out as both practitioner and teacher. He is known for teaching in small groups and treating each student individually. His commitment to practice and spiritual development, combined with in-depth knowledge, patience and humility, allow him to create safe space to help you advance both your physical and spiritual practice.

To find out more about Vinay, visit his website

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What to expect?


There will be one morning session,  the dynamic Prana Vashya Series and will be around 2 hours, followed by an hour of Pranayama.

Prana Vashya series is a dynamic, breath-oriented sequence combining all types of asanas - standing poses, foot balances, twists, backbends, forward folds, hip openers, inversions and more. You will be challenged in safe and balanced way, in line with your abilities.

Beside the morning practice and pranayama session there will be an afternoon session each day which will be around 2 hours and will focus on backbending and general flexibility.

This is a class led by Vinay, where you will be asked into basic postures first to facilitate better understanding of the dinamics of the poses. As the week progresses and he knows the group better, there will be more advanced asanas too, which will be modified to meet the needs of the individuals.

Where to Stay?

There is a variety of accommodation nearby to suit all budgets.

Onsite, there are comfortable AC and non-AC beach huts with big, comfortable beds, western toilets,
hot water, a balcony and a beautiful garden, which can be booked at the cost of:
AC beach huts: Rs 3500 per night
Non-Ac beach huts: Rs 2000 per night.

There are also hostels around 2 minutes walk away if you require cheaper
accommodation, where you can book accommodation from Rs 800 per night.
Alternatively, you can find your own accommodation nearby.

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If you would like to prepare for Vinay's course or extend your stay with us, our Personalized Yoga Packages are available. Please get in touch to enquire about availability.

What is the Price?

Non-Residential price is Rs 25 000.

This includes Introduction to Prana Vashya Yoga on the first day (1st April) &

6 days of classes with Vinay from 2nd to 7th April:

2 hrs Prana Vashya Series morning practice,

1 hour Pranayama,

1.5-2 hrs of General flexibility and strength class in the afternoon.


Please note that the minimum number of participants is 12 and the maximum is 20.  Book your spot as early as possible!