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Kaundinyasana – thrust to win over power

Kaundinyasana mythology
Buddha and his group including Kaundinya

Kaundinya was a brahmin (some sources mention as the descendent of Vasishta) who first came to prominence as a youth due to his mastery of the Vedas and was later appointed as a royal court scholar of King Suddhodhana of the Sakyas. There Koṇḍañña was the onlyscholar who unequivocally predicted upon the birth of Prince Siddhartha that the prince would become an enlightened Buddha, and vowed to become his disciple. Koṇḍañña and four colleagues followed Siddhartha in six years of ascetic practice, but abandoned him in disgust after Siddhartha gave up the practice of self-mortification. Upon enlightenment, Siddhartha gave his first Dharma talk to Koṇḍañña's group. Koṇḍañña was the first to comprehend the teaching and thus became the first buddhist monk and arahat (one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved nirvana or as near that state). Koṇḍañña was aware as the foremost of the five initial disciples of the Buddha and later travelled around India spreading the dharma. Among his notable converts was his nephew Punna, who the Buddha acknowledged as the foremost preacher of the dharma. In his final years, he retreated to the Himalayas and predeceased the Buddha.

Kaundinyasana is a challenging arm balance however it is more about trusting yourself then of enormous amount of strength.

Next time you do the pose think about Kaundinya's devotion towards and thrust in Buddha, it will help you not just getting in the asana itself but to remain on the path of yoga.

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