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Marichyasana - Shine bright

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Asana Mythology Marichyasana Yoga
Sage Marichy

Sage Marichy, these asanas are named after, was also one of the Saptarishis created by Brahma just as Vasistha.

Marichy literally means a ray of light from either the moon or the sun. He was to be the chief of the Maruts (‘the shining ones’). His importance lays in the fact that he had his own famous descendents:

  • his son, Kashyapapa the ‘Lord of Creatures’;

  • his grandson Surya, the Sun God, the giver of life

  • his great-grandson Manu, the father of humanity.

His name is featured in multiple Hindu scriptures like Brahmanda Purana and the Vedas.

Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita says: "Of the Ādityas I amVishnu, of lights I am the radiant sun, of the Maruts I am Maricy, and among the stars I am the moon."

Sage Marichy symbolises light, energy and power. The power that is needed to move the energy up to create an undisturbed flow of it through the chakras so that the internal light can shine through. It also represents the light of intelligence which is linked to our internal light.

Marichiasanas help to free up the energy pathways throughout the spine and coil the energy up, while calm the nervous system to find our own light.

Next time you attempt one of them keep in mind, that you don't need to force your body into an angle it is not ready for, all the benefits can be received by the simple versions too, so you can shine bright.

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