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Lets meet in Goa,  Hungary or Online
for some Yoga & Ayurveda!

Image by JD  Mason

Seven Days into Sattva

This Ayurveda & Meditation immersion/retreat in the Goan jungle in India combines the tools of yoga and Ayurveda.
It is designed for those, who are ready to switch off and go deep within. It is co-hosted with Dr. Upendra from Sanchi University.
Expected date November 2023


Mentoring for Teachers

This is for teachers who believe in the importance of continuous self development either by developing their own yoga practice or their teaching skills.  We are offering teacher development courses/one to one retreats with Yoga Alliance CAP certification in a unique, personalized way on or offline!​

You pick your dates!a


Yoga for travellers

These packages are designed for those who are travellers in Hungary, Budapest & wish to enjoy a good yoga practice away from home.

You choose the time, duration, location (within Budapest) and the theme and we will provide you with the best possible yoga experience.

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