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Hello Hungary Yoga Holiday

1st July - 13th July 2019


Discover Hungary or a new side of it while you discover a new side of you.

Let yourself to be guided through my favourite places in Hungary and allow yourself to be guided through your body with the tools of Yoga & Ayurveda to unlock its true potential to health.

Get the feel of the city and enjoy its architecture during your morning walk or listen to various birds in the forest in the Hungarian country side. Relax in one of our famous thermal baths or on the beaches of Lake Balaton. Get on a bicycle to explore the neighbourhood or nature. Enjoy the sunset at the coast of river Danube, on a sailboat at Balaton Lake or under the old trees of the forest.


If you are looking for a yoga retreat where there is lots of opportunity to explore, gain useful knowledge to lead a healthier life and/or relax, look no more,  this one's for you!

Combining the very best of hatha based vinyasa flow, myofascial stretching and strengthening,  workshops on body analysis & ayurveda, we’ll explore how different our bodies can be and how to work with it to achieve the best of your health physically and with that mentally. This is a unique opportunity to better understand what you really need.​

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner, you are welcome!

You'll enjoy two yoga classes a day  (dynamic in the mornings and more slow paced in the evenings) and workshops/talks on body analysis & ayurveda with Orsi.

You'll visit my favorite places in Hungary: Budapest, Lake Balaton and the country area. There will be also plenty of time to relax, explore and chill out.

We look forward to welcoming you in HUNGARY!


start from

465.000 HUF,

1490 EUR

Travelling - Exploring - Yoga - Ayurveda - Healthy living - Relaxing

Lets Go!


The first week's yoga practice will be more dynamic allowing a slow transition from your everyday life rush to a more peaceful being. Mornings will start with hatha/vinyasa flow classes focusing on the five main Elements in our body, working through the layers of comfort of regularities towards the less known corners of our bodies.

The afternoon classes will have 2 parts, a 60 mins slow hatha/vinyasa flow asana practice and 30 mins breathing and concentration practice. We will work deeper into the element and body areas of the morning practice & create a maintainable pranayama and/or concentration practice for you.

The first week's preparation will lead us to our second week, where we are approaching our practice in a more subtle way. The morning classes will be still challenging, but focusing more on overall sensations rather then alignment to find the most suitable asana practice based on your ayurvedic constitution. The afternoon classes will be shorter, the 60 mins classes will have a 40 mins asana practice with special focus on release through fascia stretches, yin yoga & restorative asanas followed by 20 mins pranayama/concentration practice. 

At the end of the retreat you will have a better understanding about the presence of the main elements in your body, your own personal correct posture and areas you need to pay attention to and the best suiting style of yoga for your personal constitution. You will also have  a 20 mins well established pranayama/concentration practice to take it with you.

If you have never done a class with me you can find information about the styles I teach HERE & you can try my classes online HERE.


During the second week the afternoon yoga classes are shorter as they are followed by 2 hours workshop sessions on Ayurveda.  

On the first day you will be introduced to the holistic system of Ayurveda and its history.

On the second day you will learn about your own constitution & discuss how to implement the practices Ayurveda recommends so it can remain part of our everyday life forever.

On the third day you will understand what it means "eating healthy" as per the system of Ayurveda and that creating healthy meals for your own constitution can be quick and easy.

On four to sixth days you will have practical cooking sessions on how to prepare easy & quick meals for breakfast, lunch/dinner following the guidelines of Ayurveda.

Read more about Ayurveda ->


During the first week there is only veg or vegan breakfast/brunch provided so you can dive in to the Hungarian cuisine if you wish to. You will get plenty of recommendations where to find the best places to eat considering your meal preferences.

Day 9 will be dedicated to fasting with juice (vegetable/fruit) or rice and lentil based diet depending on your personal constitution (participation is optional).

During the second week veg or vegan brunch and dinner will be served. There will be healthy snacks available throughout the day. From the start of the retreat you will get suggestions about what to choose for your meals and snacks taking in consideration your constitution & by the end of the second week you will be able to make your own meal based on Ayurvedic principles.


Beside being well located, all the three accommodations are beautiful, cosy & are also good representation of the architecture in different area of the Hungarian history let it be in the heart of the city, few steps away from the Lake or kilometres away from everything in the country.

In Budapest we are staying at the very centre of the city, in a typical 20th century apartment house turned into a beautiful, modern place to stay. No worries, despite its central location the place is very peaceful and silent, a relaxed sleep is guaranteed.

In Balatonfüred a local family is hosting us, who created from their house built in the communist area a cosy villa just few meters away from the Lake side.

In Alsópere our place to stay is a homestead complex 6 km far from the nearest village in the forest. A 19th century building complex has been renovated to host guests who love nature.

Wifi is available in all of the locations.

The Program

During the first week we discover Budapest & the Balaton Lake.

On the fist day we will relax in Gellert spa then walk around Gellert hill, Fisher Bastille and the Castle area just above the Danube (visiting the Hungarian National Museum is optional).

On the second day we will visit the romantic site of Castle Vajdahunyad and the famous Hero Square (visiting the Museum of Fine Arts and bathing is Széchényi Thermal Bath is optional).

On the third day we will have a short, but beautiful tram ride along the river Danube to visit the Hungarian Parliament and have a walk in the area, finishing our excursion at St. Stephen's Basilica. 

On the fourth day we will catch our train to Balatonfüred, our next destination. At the end of the day we will have a "Welcome" sunset sailing trip on the Lake.

On the fifth day we will visit Tihany (town & the peninsula), the land of lavender and have a walk on it's heritage site.

On the sixt day the Balaton is yours, have a swim, enjoy the sun(a trip to Badacsony, where many of our most famous vine yards are located is optional)!

On the seventh day we travel to our final destination, Alsópere. Here there is no extra program included as we have a busy schedule, however, if you wish to use your free time for sightseeing rather then relaxing, it is possible. There is a lot to see and do around, bicycle is also available for rent if you would like to get on to the forest's biking tracks.

All the above programs are part of the package, but you can choose not to attend or additional sightseeing/program can be arranged on your request and expense. Please inform us if you do not wish to participate in a program or if you need extra to be arranged at the time of booking (whether we can give you a discount or not in case you don't attend a program is depending on the activity, please enquire).

What you get


  • 13 days/13 nights in comfortable, well located apartment house/villa or pension

  • On the first 6 days breakfast, then 8 days brunch & dinner (mainly vegetarian, if requested vegan and non-veg is also available)

  • 24 yoga classes & 6 sessions on Ayurveda (No physical yoga practice on Sunday)

  • Transportation (train and/or taxi) Budapest - Balatonfüred - Alsópere - Budapest

  • Budapest Sightseeing & Gellért Spa visit with massage

  • One time Sailing on Balaton Lake

  • Trip to Tihany

Package Prices:
  • 1490 EUR / person shared accommodation
  • 1000 EUR / person without accommodation & food first week (shared accommodation second week)
  • 800 EUR / person shared accommodation the first or second week only
  • 1690 EUR / person single occupancy
  • 900 EUR / person single occupancy, the first or second week only
  • 1250 EUR / person single occupancy, without accommodation & food (first week)
  • About Family full/half package please enquire via email or Contact Form mentioning the following:
    • Number of family members who would join the Yoga Holiday & the age of the kids
    • Number of family members joining yoga/ayurveda sessions
      • FYI: Kids' supervision during yoga/ayurveda classes can be arranged
    • Number of family members joining sightseeing and excursions
About the possibility of discount please enquire via email or Contact Form.

What is NOT included?

Ticket to Hungary (air, bus, train) & taxi to/from the hotel/city center in Budapest (at the time of arrival & departure from Hungary)

Travel Insurance

Visa if you are joining from outside the EU

Additional meals not listed above as being included

Additional programs not listed above as being included

Additional days of stay

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