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Seven days into Sattva

New dates coming soon...

The Concept

Do you feel the need to treat yourself with an informative, holistic retreat to recharge?

Do you wish to change, but don't know what exactly and where to start? 

Do you wish to soften into being, but don't know how?

Are you ready to peel and unfold the different layers of yourself to find that deep sensation of inner peace, contentment, balance & happiness?

This yoga holiday is going to provide you with tools to step forward & create your own balance.


On this retreat we discover Sattva with a holistic approach, using the tools of yoga and ayurveda.

Sattva is a mental quality we are born with.  Adult life forces us to use the other two qualities - rajas & tamas - more, however our true nature is represented by Sattva.


Why should we get into Sattva?

Because it represents everything that is true and real.

It appears in the form of beauty, balance and inspiration & supports the unfolding of life, the streaming  of energy, health, inner peace, contentment and happiness.

During the Retreat we learn about the mental qualities and their role in our everyday life & we discover Sattva through mindful asana practice, breathing & meditation techniques, sattvic food, guided relaxations, ayurveda, silence breaks and private time to contemplate. All this surrounded by nature and in the company of like minded people.

All levels welcome! Being open is enough.

Number of participants is maximum 12.


Prices from

650 EUR 

Yoga - Ayurveda - Recreation - Contentment - Balance - Happiness

Lets Go!


During our asana practice we will observe the different sensations of the body and the presence of the mental qualities in us. Our morning practice will be intensive, supporting the discovery and deeper understanding of our own body, followed by 30 mins Pranayama. 

The afternoon practice will have 3 parts:

  • a 30 mins practice of your personalised mini 

  • 60 mins of Yin/Fascia Release/ Yoga Nidra

  • 30 mins of concentration/meditation practice

At the end of the retreat you will know the functioning of your body and mind better. You will have your personalised, well drilled, mini sequence of asanas, which you can use anytime. You will also get a sequence of breathing exercises to enrich your everyday life. Beside all this you will learn a range of relaxation, concentration and meditation techniques.

If you have never done a class with me before you can find free online classes  HERE, I recommend you to check it out.


In the afternoon we will have lectures on Ayurveda & Herbology. The duration will be 1-2 hours depending on your level of knowledge on the topic of Ayurveda or if you have done a course or retreat with me before. The first hour will be about the physical aspects of Ayurveda from the basics. The second hour is dedicated to the understanding of the mental qualities and herbology.

 There is possibility to have private consultation after the morning sessions. Please let us now about your interest in it at the time of booking, as it could have an extra charge depending on the nature and length of the consultation.

At the end of the retreat you will learn about Ayurveda, understand the mental qualities and their role in your everyday life.

Few words about Ayurveda here ->


During the retreat full board is provided. We put together a special vegetarian menu, which will focus on the sattvic qualities.

You will have 2 main meals a day:

1. brunch after the morning session &

2. dinner after the afternoon session.


There is a reason why we have 2 meals per day, which we will discuss at the time of our first meeting, however there will be nuts, fruits, herbal teas and sandwiches available during the afternoon for those who need an extra meal for any reason.

On Thursday we will be fasting with fruits or kichdi.

At the end of the retreat you will receive the recipes of all the meals we had, so you can cook yourself. 


Our accommodation is located in the Hungarian countryside, at the heart of Bakony Hills, surrounded by nature.

The pictures speak for themselves.

You can book shared or single accommodation, the later with a surcharge.

Please note that there is NO Wifi on the site.

Shared : 650 Eur
Single occupancy: 850 Eur
Without accommodation: 350 Eur
Maximum number of participants is 12.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

Optional Programs

In your free time you can have Reflexology, Swedish or Sound Massage (the last with therapeutic bowls).  These need to be booked at the time of reservation. 

Price: 20 Eur/45 min.


There are many places to visit nearby: Zirc, Castle Csesznek, Veszprém, Bakonybél, Balaton if you wish to explore the area in between classes or after our retreat. We can help you with the organisation.

If you like nature walks and tracking, there are plenty of places to discover.

Horse riding might be available too. Please inform us about your interest so we can confirm.

What's included?


  • 7 days/7nights accommodation (arrival on 7th Sunday afternoon, departure on 14th by noon)

  • Full board

  • 12 yoga classes (2h each)

  • 6 lectures on Ayurveda (1-2 h)

  • help with transportation if needed

What's not included

  • travel cost

  • private consultation

  • free time activities

  • massage

  • any food and drink not part of the program

  • additional nights of stay

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