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Ayurvedic Cooking Club

A consciously cooking community

The Concept

The Cooking Club has been created for those, who are interested in the holistic system of Ayurveda, like to cook relatively quick, healthy and balancing food and wish to experiment in the kitchen. It is an opportunity for those who have an interest to know more about the energy of seasonal ingreadients and the different processes and changes food creates in the body.

The goal of the Cooking Club is to introduce step by step the core concept of Ayurvedic cooking and diet from both theoretical and practical aspect. The Ayurvedic Cooking Club closed Facebook group and our zoom meetings provide an interactive surface to the learning and sharing process so we can get inspired by eachother too.

Is this for you?


Yes, this is for you if you:

  • would like to understand why you are what you digest, not what you eat

  • believe that your food is more then just combination of certain nutrients

  • wish to bring your food in harmony with the seasons, days and your personal state

  • would like to learn how to preserve health through food including spices and herbs

  • would like to know more about the energies and post digestive effects of your meals

  • wish to get more information about the potency of certain spices and herbs

  • have got some knowledge about Ayurveda and the topic, but feel little lost and need support to better align your recipes to the Ayurvedic guidelines

  • would like to make your diet and recipes more versatile

  • would like to be part of an inspiring, uplifting community

It is not for you if:

  • you do not have the basic cooking skill - you need to have some experience in the kitchen so you can benefit from what the Cooking Club can offer

  • you don't like to cook and do not like to use spices other then pepper and salt - we will play a lot with flavours, so spices and herbs

  • you can't dedicate time to learn something new - you will need to dedicate the time to the programs & learning as we work with seasonal ingredients and energies, so catching up months later will not be useful

  • you wish to learn vegan, trendy, all the colors on one plate meals - Ayurveda is based on different principles, therefore we will learn to prepare simple, nourishing, balanced and healthy meals, which are vegan, vegetarian or containing meat

What do you get if you join?

During the 12 months and 3*4 periods we will experience the 5 elements (air/ether/fire/water/earth) and the 3 dominant doshas (Vata/Pitta/Kapha) through the season and invite them into our kitchen with Ayurveda:

  1. At the start of each block you will get to know the dominant energies, elements, doshas, qualities and tastes.

  2. We discuss each month the available seasonal ingreadients, their energetic and post digestive effect.

  3. You will learn to combine the seasonal ingreadients well with eachother and spices so they can help in balancing the body.

  4. During the 3*4 months you will receive seasonal cooking plans.

  5. You will be able to put together an Ayurvedic menu, so you can create, also from basic ingreadients, a balanced meal.

  6. Cooking will get more meaning, easier and simpler.

  7. You will discover the beauty and possibilities in the changing seasons.

  8. You will experience the energizing, balancing and health generating effects of the Ayurvedic diet.

  9. You will also learn about the direct relation between Agni, food, energies and illnesses through webinars and presentations.

  10. Beside all these you will be part of an uplifting, joyful, inspiring community.

 Ayurvedic Cooking Club membership plans


Basic Membership for 12 months contains:

  • The Basics of Ayurveda handout with 180+ dosha specific recipes (always growing collection).

  • Lists of seasonal ingredients, their taste, energetic effect and post digestive effect + list of food combination.

  • A list of foods, spices, herbs, which specifically balance certain elements/doshas.

  • Dosha specific lifestyle & diet tips, recommendations.

  • Via our closed Ayurvedic Cooking Club Facebook group and Zoom application we will meet once or twice a week to cook together, rethink old recipes, expand our knowledge on body/energy/food and how they relate.

  • Weekly one newsletter with the summary of the past week's tips, information, discussions.

  • Twice during the 12 months, autumn and spring we will do seasonal fasting to cleanse the body.

  • Discussions via Zoom once in every 4-month period on the following topics: Yoga and digestion/ The effect of the moon on our body/ Local super herbs.

  • Webinar once in every 4-month period on the following topics: Obesity, Ama & Influenza/ The language of our skin/ The relation between our joints and nervous system.


  1. Lifelong membership to the closed Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Basics Facebook group to stay connected, have the opportunity to recap, get updated and learn new even after the 12 months (value 49 EUR).

  2. Access to 3 longer and 3 shorter pre-recorded dosha balancing yoga practices (value 20 EUR).

The launching price of the package is 649 EUR for 12 months, which can be paid in monthly installment (55 EUR per month) or 4 monthly (220 EUR per 4 months). In case you are not sure whether this course is for you, there is a possibility to sign up only for the first month as a trial for 150 EUR, which will be deducted from the full price in case you decide to stay for the whole 12 months.

Cooking Club+ is for those who wish to have private attention due to any special need. Extra investment on the top of the price (for 1*1.5 hour private consultation)  40 EUR/session.

Those, who have already completed my Ayurveda Start or Start+ packages will receive 10% discount on the price.


Once you submitted the registration please check your spam folder as our reply may land there. Thank you!

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