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Introduction to the 3-weeks to create balance program

During these three weeks we will work with the body from the ground up and from basic to more complex.

Please note:

this program is not recommended to complete beginners or to someone with chronic ailments/disease, because - even though clear instructions and modifications are provided - there is no possibility for direct interaction.

However this program can be perfect for you if you are a beginner, but not completely new to yoga and have a basic physical fitness. You may always take modifications first and rest in child's pose whenever you are out of breath.

Please read more about the Terms & Conditions of Use HERE.

The classes are 65-75 minutes in average including the final relaxation.

The first week is focusing more on the anatomical aspect of the asanas and the practice.

The second week is intending to bring awareness to the five elements our body is made up of.

And the third week is taking the focus towards the chakras, so more of the energy we wish to accumulate.


There are 3 different 30 mins Breathing & Concentration practice videos also added to the Program. One is assigned for each week to practice daily right after asana or later during the day (the same practice for 7 days in a row). Please do not skip it.  You need to experience the enormous benefits they can bring to you.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the classes please join the Private Facebook Group: '3 weeks to create balance' to discuss or send them via email.

Remember, our goal is not to achieve an asana - even if I do challenge you during the 3 weeks -, but to get closer to our personal balance, so do not force the change, rather observe it.

Thank you for joining! I really hope you will enjoy.

My free online videos are still available for those who do not wish to subscribe or prefer to try my classes first.

Please click on 'Online Classes' in the menu to access those classes.


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