Ayurvedic approach to Life

Nourishing the Self with good habits, food and yoga practice suiting you personally to achieve the best of your health.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science guiding humanity to maintain or regain their health with the help of nature (internal and/or external applications, if necessary intervention), correct routine, diet and yoga, so that one can aim for higher spiritual practices.

It is not about making things perfect rather bringing things in balance with some imperfections. It is not about changing your life from one day to another, rather making small, but maintainable changes.

Ayurveda is a set of tools to balance the body and the mind, and yoga is one of these tools.

Why Ayurveda?

There are many reasons, for example:

  1. It is easy to follow and it is not restricting you in any way, no starving, no difficult fasting, only some dedication is needed to make few changes to create good habits.

  2. It is not a new wave of some diet or lifestyle in fashion, which works for some and doesn't work for others, but it has been tested for thousands of years with success.

  3. It is considering your very own body setup when advising about diet and other practices, so it is definitely working. If it doesn't work you are cheating :o)

Ayurvedic Routine

In the context of Ayurveda routine means aligning your life to the sun energy & nature, basically listening to your biological clock, so doing the different activities of life when it is most supported by inside and outside energy and body functioning. What does this mean?

Rising with the sun to do any activity which connects us to ourselves, nature, God... Giving your attention and time to what you eat at midday specially, as food is the source of your energy. Doing your mental activity between 2 and 6 PM to aim for the best result, and slowing down after 6, to be able to go to bed early, latest by 10 PM etc...

Ayurvedic Eating

"When diet is wrong Medicine is of no use. When Diet is correct Medicine is of no need." Charaka Samhita

The aim is to eat not just healthy food, but food that maintains health. How to do that?

Eat fresh, local, prepared with love, suiting your constitution or balancing the one out of balance. 

Keep the digestive fire on the appropriate level to be able to transform, assimilate and eliminate well.

How do you know the food is right for you? Your meal gives you energy, mental peace and your immunity is at its peak.

Ayurvedic Yoga Practices

Different body types need different approach to yoga, one style can't go for all.

Are you Vatta (air) dominant? Let your yoga practice be slower paced, meditative, strengthening without strain.

Are you Pitta (fire) dominant? Let your yoga practice be more cooling, less sun salutations and heating asanas, more cooling and relaxing ones, the pace should also be moderate.

Are you Kapha (earth) dominant? Let your yoga practice fire you up, go for more speedy styles and where you get enough stretches.

Age, the actual season and other circumstances also modify your needs. Observe, be aware!

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After having experienced its benefits and gained a good insight of Ayurveda I feel the need to raise awareness regarding diet and yoga as there are so many fashion trends to follow in our contemporary world, which leads to confusion or even worst, to dogmatic views.

  What seems healthy might be "poison" for you if you take it in a wrong form or combination for your personal constitution. The key here is the same as in yoga, working on generating sensitivity towards your body's language to better understand its responses. 

  In my workshops you will:

  1. understand how to observe your body & move with the tools of Yoga to generate more sensitivity towards your body

  2. learn about Ayurvedic practices which can be easily implemented into everyone's busy life and

  3. discuss about and create food based on Ayurvedic principles so you can cook, adjust, modify food to suit your own (and your beloved one's) constitution

"Having no time" or "no skill" is not an excuse, everything you will learn with me is easy to follow, integrate, make and doesn't require too much extra time.

All the above listed information are suggestions based on general observations, if you wish to know more with details regarding yourself, please get in touch.


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