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Teacher Mentoring Online


  Personalized Mentoring Program Online

with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate

If you are a relatively new teacher and looking for some private time to go deeper into your own practice, find new inspiration or to refresh or widen your knowledge this one is for you.

You can choose to be mentored on the following topics:

If you wish to develop your teaching skills you can choose to learn about for example how to help students structurally integrating their bodies, ease discomforts and find balance or how to intelligently sequence your classes for all levels incorporating the other aspects of yoga as well without overwhelming anyone.

If you wish to take this time for yourself rather then developing your teaching skills, you can choose for example to work with certain asanas which you couldn't figure out yet, don't know how to progress with or deepening other aspects of your yoga practice like Pranayama, Meditation, Mantras.

If you wish to learn something new, which would benefit both you and your students then you may choose 

Ayurveda, to gain in-depth knowledge on how to keep your balance through a daily routine, yoga, food, and basic herbs.

Please get in touch with your area of interest and we will discuss the course plan.

At the end of your program, we can issue a Continuing Education certificate for you to register it at Yoga Alliance if you need it.​

  1. Structural Integration with Yoga

  2. Yoga Anatomy & Fascia including emotion, trauma & energetics

  3. Creative Sequencing

  4. Pranayama

  5. Ayurveda 


You can choose the number of hours you need and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Here are some examples for your reference:

15 hours -> 80  EUR

30 hours -> 140 EUR

Prices include material.

How does it work?

  1. You pick the dates

  2. We will have 6 hours per day zoom meetings with lectures and discussions, practical sessions

  3. 25% of the hours is an offline assignment

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