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Teaching & Practice

Why createbalancewithme?

 It has been recently discovered by scientists that each human has "its ideal 'posture' in which each cell of the body is in its appropriate mechanical balance for optimal function" (Thomas W. Myers: Anatomy Trains pp. 58).

Ayurveda calls the balance of doshas (elements) DHAATU.

Both ancient and contemporary science agree that this optimal balance is slightly different for each individual, not a perfect rather the healthiest state, which becomes the foundation of higher spiritual practices.

Guiding you to create this balance is the aim of my classes.

Orsi Plutzer Yoga Hungary Goa
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What I teach

What I teach has been shaped by time and many of my teachers, listing only a few here: Gyöngyvér Pápa, Mariann Csíki, Zsuzsanna Ozorák, Fiji McAlpine, Kino Macgregor, Pratima (Indea Yoga Mysore), Thomas Myers, Dr. Upendra Khatri Babu,  Vinay Kumar.

In my Hatha & Vinyasa Flow class the sequence flows just like in any other flow class however we are holding the poses for a longer period, 5-10 breaths, as I believe it is needed to better understand the relationship of your body and the asana. The maximum number of students in a class is 15 for quality purposes. In my classes I emphasize good alignment from the base. Correct alignment is quite different for everyone, the alignment cues and adjustments are to correct wrong habitual patterns so the practitioner learns with time to correct him/herself. The classes are designed to prepare the body well for any asana and it is sequenced to give enough modifications for those who are beginners. My aim in my classes is to show you your way, allowing you to get closer to your body even if it means that I'll not recommend you to attempt certain asana just yet. You can also expect 5-15 mins basic breathing or meditation practices at the start and/or end of the class.

Stretching and Strengthening with Myofascial focus is a class designed to release chronic tension in the body and maintain correct posture. This class is not a flow class, rather hatha yoga based with different strengthening, stretching and release techniques for the fascia.

Yoga Basics & Release class is focusing on basic yoga postures in detail. Each class is working with one posture or a group of postures which are explored in a Hatha slow flow style. The class also contains 10-20 mins fundamental breathing and concentration practices linked to the basic asana. Having a strong basis is essential to be able to build on it. This class is not just for beginners, it is for anyone who wishes to understand better these very important asanas.

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga where postures are held longer (2-20 mins or more). The guide is the breath and the focus is to work with the connective tissue system. We would like to hold the asanas without being in tension with the rest of the body, which doesn't mean without any muscular support. We are aiming to give to certain body areas a nice, gentle stretch and maintain it for those long minutes, so we use bolsters and cushions as a support.  A relaxed body invites relaxed mind. In my classes we focus on the relaxation part more with breathing awareness.

Pre- & Postnatal classes are also Hatha based flow style including all the modifications for safety, which are needed for 2 bodies in 1 or after. These classes I teach in private or in small groups so the asanas can be modified (or not modified) based on the mom-to-be-s' /moms' personal body needs. Our focus is to preserve as much strength as possible while creating space for the baby's departure & after delivery to gain back the strength in the abdominal and pelvic floor area while still receiving a balanced practice including breathing and relaxation techniques.

Kids Yoga classes are 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on the age group (3-5, 5-8, 8-14, above 14). Children in my classes learn yoga asanas, breathing techniques, meditation practices, chanting, playing games and doing group activities to help their development. All the elements of an adult class are there, but presented and performed in a different, rather playful way. While doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them, learning how to honor themselves and each other and recognize their part in the delicate web of life.

Ayurvedic Approach to Life Basics class is introducing you to Ayurveda and gives you useful, practical tips on how to apply it to your everyday life (routine, kitchen, yoga). This class is delivered in private or for couples.

My practice


At the start of my regular yoga practice I tried almost all the styles available at that time in Hungary and none of them made me stick to it until 2010 when I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga, which became my daily practice then.

The more I practiced the more I struggled with certain areas of my body. It took me 4 years of dedicated practice, lots of self-inquiry, studies, deeper insight into Ayurveda and honesty to admit that I should give up Ashtanga Yoga so that I can work more on those areas that needed my attention.

Listening to my own body my Ashtanga practice has been replaced by Hatha Flow with a special focus on opening restricted areas.

In 2 years lots of changes happened, my body opened in areas where I carried blockages since birth.

In 2014 I found my Teacher, Vinay Kumar, owner of Prana Vashya Yoga School in Mysore. His approach was in line with my idea of using yoga together with other sciences in a holistic way to find a unique path for each student. It is not the asanas that I take away from there, rather his guidance through those asanas and his pranayama teachings. Whenever life allows I go back to practice with him.

With the years and his influence, the focus of my practice has shifted too, it is less physical then it has been, Pranayama and other concentration practices are part of my daily life even though being a mom sometimes allows only 5 mins for them.

In 2015 I felt the need to learn more about the facial system of our body in relation to my own body functioning. It was fascinating to discover how ancient science and the result of contemporary research meet regarding emotional blockages and body functioning. I'm a passionate student of connective tissue science.

My most recent teacher was my pregnancy and still is my little girl. During my pregnancy I had to focus on my weakness, having the tendency to push and do as much as possible, so I allowed my body to adapt (saving my abdominal area and the joints) and observed it with self-control. Returning to the mat with my new body and priorities in life still requires patience despite the fact that I feel stronger.

Being a mom means you are 24/7 together with a being who doesn't have the negative influence of the society. Our job is to raise a better person then we are (quoting Sadguru here). Being aware and not to reinforce my own limitations, rather letting her unfold is the biggest challenge of my life.

After all these years and experience I can definitely say that less is more for me.

What I gained from my yoga practice? 

The body awareness I have now, and the connection with it so I can feel what my body needs in certain circumstances or notice when I didn't get it well; more patience to handle the changes in my life (which were quite many); a cooler head to make life-changing decisions; the ability to enjoy pregnancy as it is; the endurance during my 24 hours long labor; my presence during delivery so it ended as natural as it could be; the observer who comes in place when I lose patience with my little one after a couple of sleepless nights; the strength to get up on those days, when everything seems to work against you (health, moon, your child) :o); being able to separate myself from my emotions in a certain situation (not every :o( ); more often being able to look at things with a bird's eye, so problems less frequently become an elephant, etc.

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