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Dosha Test

Get to know yourself better! 

Use this multidimensional DOSHA TEST to get to know your ayurvedic constitution and imbalances.


Complete part 1first to determine your birth constitution (Prakriti) by adding

up the totals of A’s, B’s and C’s.

Parts II-IV will determine your current state (Vikriti) physically, mentally

and emotionally.

Again count your A, B and C answers

With mostly A’s you are Vata (Air element) dominant,

With mostly B’s you are Pitta (Fire element) dominant

With mostly C’s you are Kapha (Earth/Water element) dominant

If the numbers of e.g. A)-s and B)-s are almost equal with the B) little less,

you are Vata-Pitta.

Our goal is to be living according to our birth constitution with no

deviation from it. E.g. if your Prakriti is Pitta, but your Vikriti is Vata, it means that you may

have to balance the Vata (Air) element out so the Pitta can be your

"strongest" again in its balanced form.*

PLEASE NOTE that this test is not suitable to determine your unique condition or be the basis of a treatment plan/self diagnosis, rather to make you think about and look at yourself carefully as the first step of better understanding, awareness regarding your own self. It can definitely give you an idea of your Prakriti and give a hint about your Vrikriti, however it is not recommended to take any herbs only based on the test results. 

*This is a short, simplified description. If you have any questions or want more detail please get in touch.

Part I. - Permanent characteristics (Prakriti)

In this section your birth dosha will be determined.

Please choose the answer which is most applicable to you since childhood. For example: if you have always been thin, however put on weight in the last couple of years, regarding your built you will choose thin.

If you can't decide choose the two most applicable. In this section its also worth asking an old friend's help to determine your appearance.


1. My build is

A) I'm rather short or quite tall, thin, not too muscular

B) I'm medium built, proportional, muscular

C) I'm big, tall, well built, may be a bit stocky


2. My head is

A) small, thin, bony head

B) have a medium, oval head

C) big and round head


3. My forehead is

A) small

B) medium, and/or have tendency of becoming bold

C) big


4. My face is

A) thin, long, small, matt, wrinkled (or any of these)

B) medium, many times red, it has sharp contours

C) big, round, white or pale with soft contours


5. My eyes are

A) dark brown, grey, restless, small, greyish eye-white

B) green, hazel or light brown, sharp, red eye-white

C) blue, black, big, shining, white eye-white


6. My eyebrows/lashes are

A) thin, short

B) medium

C) strong, thick


7. My nose is

A) thin, small, might be slightly bent

B) medium, red coloured

C) big, thick, broad


8. My lips are

A) thin, small, uneven

B) medium, red or rose colour

C) big, thick


9. My teeth are

A) uneven, tilted, big

B) regular, medium

C) shining


10. My hair is

A) brown or black, dry, thin, frizzy, curly

B) red, strawberry blonde or light, straight, soft, prematurely grey

C) dark brown, jet black, blonde, thick, wavy, soft, abundant


11. My chin is

A) small or pointed, retreating

B) medium

C) big, broad


12. My neck is

A) thin, weak, small

B) medium

C) thick, big, strong


13. My shoulders are

A) thin, retreating

B) medium, proportional

C) big, broad


14. My chest is

A) narrow, fallen in, uneven

B) medium, proportional

C) big, wide


15. My waist is

A) narrow

B) medium

C) broad


16. My Legs and Arms are

A) small and thing and/or long

B) medium

C) thick, big toes and fingers


17. My bones are

A) thin, brake easily

B) strong

C) thick, heavy, big


18. My joints are

A) irregular, protruding, gives cracking sound

B) medium, regular

C) big, prominent


19. My nails are

A) greyish, brittle, dry, thin (like to bite them)

B) clear pink or reddish-yellowish, well shaped

C) Clear, pale, thick, flexible, strong, even


20. My skin is

A) cold, rough, dry, tans easily, got wrinkles early

B) soft, moderately oily, warm, freckled, moles, rashes, pimples

C) thick, oily, cool, soft, oily, clear, pale


21. My skin colour is

A) dark, brownish

B) light, red, yellow

C) pale, white


22. My body hair is

A) dark, rough, rare, very fine or very coarse

B) soft, light colour, light

C) medium, wavy

23. My body temperature is

A) cold, often feels cold

B) warm, can't stand too hot

C) cold, can tolerate warm


Part III. - Mental characteristics (Vikriti II.)

In this part of the test your mental constitution is taken into consideration, which can be different from your physical setup (Prakriti).  Ideally it is very similar to the physical, however can deviate from it under the influence of social surrounding/upbringing.


1. My memory is

A) good short term, but not so good long term

B) good, both short and long term, logical, rational

C) good, but takes time to learn, once did I never forget


2.  For me Learning is

A) quick and easy

B) relatively quick and easy

C) slow


3. My mental tendencies are

A) I don't like routine and I'm not consequent with my actions

B) I like to plan, organise and create on my own

C) I love routine in my life


4. My mental nature is

A) I'm quick, flexible, but hesitant

B) I'm intelligent, but sharp

C) I'm a bit slow, but stable


5. My believes are 

A) changing, rebellious

B) fanatic, determined

C) conservative, reasonable


6. My habits are

A) changing, travel, parks, games, jokes, stories, art activities, dance

B) challenging, competition, sports, discussions, politics, hunting, research

C) water, sailing, flowers, cosmetics, cooking, business adventures


7. When it comes to decisions

A) I don't make decisions easily, and change my mind easily

B) I'm a quick decision maker, I see things clearly

C) for me it takes time to decide things, but I stick to it later


8. My opinion is

A) changing, it easy to influence me

B) strong, but I'm open to change it

C) very strong, its hard to change my opinion


9. My activity level and average attitude is

A) high, I'm quite restless, active and like change

B) medium, I can be aggressive, competitive

C) low, I'm calm, like to rest & relax


10. My way of thinking is rather

A) creative

B) organised

C) follows others

11. My organisation of activities is 

A) messy, I do many things at a time

B) organised,  I follow a  plan or an order from someone

C) minimum activities in a day, I don't like new things & sudden changes, prefer to follow routine


12. If it comes to routine:

A) I hate it

B) I sometimes like it

C) I love it


13. Friendships

A) I know lots of people, but have less true friends

B) I'm picky with friends, I create really good friendships, but can have enemies also quickly

C) I have many good friends to whom I'm very loyal


14. Me and money

A) quickly goes, I don't know where it disappears so quickly, I don't have much in hand

B) I always have some money, I like  to spend on luxury on occasion

C) I'm ok with money, people say I'm rich, but I don't like to spend money except on food


15. My Speech is

A) quick, I'm talkative, it might be hard to follow me

B) I talk when needed, I'm convincing & like discussions

C) I'm slow, determined, prefer not to talk much

Part II. Changing characteristics (Vikriti I., last 1 year)

In this section your current state will be determined regarding your dosha.

When you answer please take into consideration how you have been in the last 1 year.

This will be followed by Part III. and IV., which together give the result of your Vikriti (recent state), which is ideally similar to your Prakriti, however it can be different too as the result of social influences.

1. Regarding my weight

A) it is hard to put on

B) both putting on and loosing weight is easy for me

C) I'm putting on weight easily, but it is very hard to loose


2. Where is the extra weight going?

A) on my stomach

B) basically everywhere, also to my chest

C) to my hip, torso


3. My body and skin temperature is

A) cold, especially my limbs

B) warm

C) cool, but not really cold


4. My skin in general is

A) dry, cracked, tends to harden

B) oily, tendency to have pimples, rashes

C) thick, moderately oily skin


5. My Lips are/have

A) dry, cracked

B) mouth and lip scars, herpes

C) thick, moist


6. My hair is

A) dry with broken ends, not shiny

B) oily, bold or greying

C) thick, wavy, shining, slightly oily


7. Weather preference

A) doesn't like cold, dry and windy weather

B) doesn't like too hot weather and direct sunlight

doesn't like humid weather warm or cold


8. My Tongue is

A) dry, thin with greyish coating

B) with yellow or red coating

C) thick with whitish coating


9. Eyes are

A) dry, itchy

B) red with yellowish white part

C) puffed, watery


10. My discharge (stool) is

A) not regular, dry, I have tendency of constipation

B) regular, loose rather then hard, I have tendency of loose motion, can go more then once a day

C) mostly regular, not more then once a day, sticky and thick


11. When I'm ill I mostly have

A) issues with the nervous system, experience strong pain

B) fever, inflammation, rashes

C) swelling, oedema, catarrh


12. My sexual habits are

A) changing, I have fantasies

B) with a lot of desire, I'm easily turned on

C) stable, it is long lasting, but takes time to turn me on


13. My Period is

A) irregular, less and painful

B) a lot and long lasting, can cause loose motion

C) accompanied with oedema and occasionally cramps


14. If I was not consciously choosing I would eat

A) oily food or do long fasting

B) protein, caffeine, spicy and salty food

C) sweets, milk products, bread and pasta


15. Favourite tastes are

A) bitter, hot, astringent

B) sour, salty, hot

C) sweet, sour, salty


16. My gums are

A) retreating

B) inflamed, bleeding

C) thick, strong


17. My joints are

A) painful, weak or not mobile

B) warm, puffed

C) loose, puffed, watery


18. My thirst during the day is

A) irregular

B) strong, many times feel too much

C) rare


19. My Hunger is

A) changing, I'm very hungry sometimes and really not other times

B) strong, I'm irritated when I'm hungry

C) low, barely feel hungry


20. I Sweat

A) less and it's stinky

B) a lot, it smells sourish

C) medium, which smells sweetish


21. My urination is

A) less, pale, “foggy”

B) abundant, yellow

C) medium


22.  Regarding my Stamina I'm rather

A) weak

B) medium strong

C) strong


23. If we consider physical activity I'm

A) very active

B) moderately active

C) become lazy easily


24. My immunity is

A) weak, I have allergies

B) medium, I get infections easily

C) strong, if I have something its a chronic disease


25. My pulse is

A) soft, quick, irregular, snake like

B) like a rod, has regular pace, frog like

C) deep, slow, solid, rolling, slippery, swan like


26. My Voice is rather

A) low pitch, weak

B) high pitch, sharp

C) soft, deep, well toned


27. My walking is

A) quick, easy

B) determined

C) slow, swinging, stable


28. My Sleep is

A) light, interrupted

B) less, but good

C) heavy, long


29. The health problems I typically have are

A) pain, joint inflammation, mental problems, neurological issues

B) fever, inflammations, infections

C) respiratory illnesses, oedema, mucus

Part IV. - Emotional attributes (Vikriti III.)


In this section your emotional status is measured, which is ideally same or in line with your Prakriti, however it can deviate from it  due to your social surrounding/upbringing.

1. My Stress reaction is

A) fear

B) hate or anger

C) indifference


2. My negative way of relating to things is being

A) reserved

B) avenger

C) careless


3. When emotionally challenged my thought tend to be

A) self destructing

B) destructing

C) making me feel like a victim


4. My basic emotion when out of balance is

A) worry

B) agitated

C) attached


5. My basic nature when out of balance is

A) acting smart

B) manipulating

C) gluttonous


6. My temper when stressed is

A) nervous

B) angry

C) wistful


7. My mental state when in balance:

A) dynamic

B) alert

C) harmonic


8. In a relationship I'm

A) communicative

B) care taking

C) committed


9.  When it comes to adapt I'm

A) flexible, I adapts easily to change

B) tolerant, when no other option I can adapt

C) patient, I can accept everything, takes time to adapt, but then settle fully


10. In general my emotions

A) vary and change quickly

B) can be aggressive, I can say opinion even when not asked for

C) are stable, in difficult situations, I prefer not to make an opinion


11. My Neurotic tendencies are

A) shivering and worry

B) on the edge, angry, agitated

C) depression, sadness


12. My dreams are

A) scary, and full with flying, jumping, running

B) about fire, anger, violence, war

C) about water, sea, river, swimming, romance


13. In general I

A) dream often, but rarely remember

B) remember easily my dreams, often they are colourful

C) remember only important dreams

YOu are ready!

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