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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor Program

with help its easier

The Concept

The goal of our Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor Program is to go beyond the general understanding of Ayurveda and dive deep into applying it to you personally. It will be tailored to your unique state, circumstances and constitution, therefore it includes 60+ hours of private consultations. 

This program gives a spark to lot of internal work too: better self-understanding, acceptance, patience as we dig deep and aim for changes that are sustainable and permanent.

Is this program for you?

Yes, if you are interested in they holistic system of Ayurveda and would like to integrate it into your everyday life to find your personal balance, and:

  • you don't have time to experiment, years long self-study to understand the system

  • you don't understand yet how it works, but really wish to learn more on a personal level

  • you need someone who can motivate and support you to stay focused to get into it

  • you wish to go beyond general information and advice

  • you have special conditions (health, family, work)

  • you wish to determine the frames and focus of learning

  • you are the all or nothing type, so once you are in, you wish to go deep and take in whatever you can

It is not for you if:

  • you live in perfect balance and harmony

  • you wish to have quick fixes and results with less effort - to achieve your balance takes time, dedication and lots of inner work and understanding, therefore this course is for those who are ready to see small changes and put in enough effort to understand their own unique functioning

  • you are looking for someone who will heal you or change you - in this process I'm the mentor to support and guide and you are the one who does the work and so change, healing is done by you

  • you can't or wouldn't like to dedicate time to the process at the moment - as mentioned above, anything that lasts and is natural will take time and effort, without putting your time and energy into it, it won't work

  • you are not ready to deal with the questions, issues which might surface during the process - change will not happen if we remain the same, so during the process many times our deep issues surface, you need to be ready to face them so permanent change can happen

What is included in the Program?

During the 6 months program (6 month is needed to create a base for the changes) we integrate Ayurveda into your everyday life in 6 main steps:

  1. We discuss/learn the basics of Ayurveda with special focus on the elements, qualities and doshas. You will understand how to observe these and their impact on you and presence in the world that surrounds you.

  2. We will outline together a manageable daily routine for the different seasons following the guidelines of Ayurveda. (Dinacharya, Rituacharya)

  3. You will have a deep understanding of Agni (digestive fire) and its functioning in your body. You will learn the principles of Ayurvedic diet and meal preparation: food combinations, 6 tastes, the different energies and effects of seasonal ingredients.  You will be able to play with spices and seasonal ingredients to create a meal that is digestible, wholesome, tasty and balancing for you.

  4. We will also work with the physical body as our muscles and connective tissues (just as our mind and internal organs) are carrying the imprints of our imbalances. With structural integration you will learn to identify your body patterns, limitations and move in a way that supports the release of unhealthy patterns and gently pushes your boundaries so the energy flow can become more free. You will receive a personalised asana sequence to serve the same purpose and as part of the process you will also learn about how to practice yoga to balance the elements and doshas in different seasons.

  5. Sleep and relaxation has an outstanding role even in Ayurveda as this is the time when our body re-creates, cleanses both physically and mentally. By learning breathing exercises, concentration, relaxation and meditation practices and self massage you will have a toolbox, which you can access whenever you need to rest, release stress and re-connect to yourself to improve sleep, physical and mental health and immunity.

  6. The last step is skincare. Our skin is our largest organ through which we consume too, not just sensations, but toxins. As the saying goes: "Only put on your skin what you would put into your mouth", whatever you put on your skin will get into your body, just as food does. Exactly for this reason as part of the Program you will learn about the basic Ayurvedic skin/hair care methods, so it  serves your balance and health.


+1. Through the application of the above, seemingly more physical guidelines there will be an internal process also initiated through which you will understand who you are inside out. You will see more objectively your strengths and weaknesses, which will create more acceptance, understanding towards others too. You will get closer to natural and with that to nature too, and it's energies, which creates the basis of internal peace.

 Ayurvedic Lifestyle Mentor Program



  • 60 hours of private consultation (2/3 in the first 3 months and 1/3 in the last)

  • The Basics of Ayurveda handout with 80+ dosha specific recipes (the collection is constantly growing)

  • Lists of seasonal ingredients, tastes, energetic effects and right combinations

  • Seasonal daily routine plan

  • Pre-recorded personalised yoga sequence, breathing exercises sequence and one selected relaxation-concentration-meditation practice

  • Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care handout


  1. Ayurvedic Cooking Club Membership for a year (value 550 EUR)

  2. Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Basics private Facebook group lifelong membership to be able to refresh your knowledge, stay connected, get updates and learn something new (value 49 EUR)

  3. Access to our pre-recorded dosha specific yoga classes and Pranayama Basics Mini Course & possibility to join one live online yoga class per week during the 6 months (value 50 EUR).

You can choose the following as Extras for additional charges:

  • Astrology consultation

  • Basics of herbalism

The introduction price of the Program is 649 EUR (monthly instalment possible). There is only 1 intake each month.

Those, who have already completed my Ayurveda Start or Start+ packages will receive 10% discount on the price.

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