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General Private Yoga Class - starts from 2000 Rs (25EUR)/session


I believe that we are practicing yoga to get a better understanding of our own body and mind so that we can reach the state of steadiness and ease in our body, making it ready for the other aspects of yoga. 

Without this understanding we are strengthening our conditioning, habitual patterns and this is when yoga can "go wrong", pain occurs or the practice seems not to serve us anymore.

The private classes are tailored to your needs, so even after just a few sessions you will see the change by gaining more body awareness.

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Orsi Plutzer Yoga Teacher Prenatal createbalancewithme

Prenatal Private Yoga Class / starts from 2000 Rs (25EUR)/session

Being pregnant is a special state when lots of things need to be in consideration while practicing yoga. For those not new to yoga the prenatal group classes might be less or different from what their body needs, however the general yoga classes may already be too intense or one may feel no longer comfortable.  

Taking a private yoga class allows you to utilize those 1.5 hours 100%, working under the guidance of a competent teacher with your own body fitness, areas of tension in line with your very own constitution so you can connect to your baby better, feeling his/her needs as well.

Postnatal Private Yoga Class / starts from 2000 Rs (25EUR)/session


One admits it or not our body changes a lot during pregnancy and delivery. The super size belly with the extra weight puts tension on the legs, pelvic floor, abdominal area and the shoulders. Holding your little one in your hand can create wrong habitual patterns, loading even more the already weakened shoulder and hip area.

These classes are focusing on giving you the tools to correct or not let wrong habitual patterns build up by releasing tension and building strength with special focus on the pelvic floor and the abdominal area.

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Orsi Plutzer Yoga Teacher Kids Yoga createbalancewithme

Yoga Class for Children - starts from 1200 Rs (15EUR)/session

(Private group with at least 3 kids)

The duration of a Kids' Yoga Class is varying from 30 to 60 mins depending on the age of the kids (3-14). They learn yoga asanas, breathing techniques, meditation practices, chanting, playing games and doing group activities to help their development. All the elements of an adult class are there, however presented and performed in a different, rather playful way. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that is noncompetitive. It is fostering cooperation and compassion instead of opposition.

Private Class on Ayurveda - starts from 2000 Rs (25EUR)/hour

During this private class you are introduced to Ayurveda and it's basic principles, together we determine your constitution and you will receive practical advice regarding daily routine & self treat, what to eat and what style of yoga to practice to preserve health or resolve minor health problems.

Please note that this session is NOT to advice about healing serious or chronic health issues/ailments, however you can be further directed to the appropriate person for that.

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