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Terms & Conditions of Use (Online Classes)

By watching the video/s you agree with and understand the following:


Not all the exercises presented in the video/s are suitable to everyone and by no means it is a substitute for medical consultation.


These exercises can result in injury. Any user of these video/s assumes the risk of injury and the creator/s, producer and distributor of this video program disclaim any liability in connection to the exercise program of the video/s and advice herein.


In some cases the video might flow faster. It is recommended to watch the video first from the start till the end before you practice.

If you can't follow, rest, take a child's pose, and join back again once you are ready. Avoid rushing, sudden movements just to keep up the pace.


If you have any kind of pre-existing ailment, injury, please consult with your physician before doing an online class.

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