"The body has its own intelligence;

it requires a great deal of intelligence to observe the intelligence of the body."                                          (Krishnamurti)

Meet Orsi
I love Yoga, I love Ayurveda & I love Anatomy... 
especially how ancient science and the result of contemporary research meets regarding emotional blockages and body functioning.

Since my first yoga class I believe that yoga can't be generalized and personal conditions should be taken in consideration if one wishes to go beyond physical fitness.


Seven Days into Satva
new dates are coming soon...
in Hungary with Ayurveda & Yoga


I invite you to spend a week in the Hungarian countryside, in the heart of nature dedicated to discovering the quality of Satva: inner peace, calmness, clarity & physical and mental balance. 

Personalized Yoga Packages

Budapest,  Hungary

You choose the theme & we guide you to have the best possible yoga experience.

Hello Yoga - for yoga beginners

Yoga & Ayurveda - to those looking for a change

Beyond Asana - for those who wish to explore more than asana


Ayurveda & Meditation Immersion

Goa, deep in the jungle

No phone, no Wifi -

only you, nature, Ayurveda, yoga, pranayama & meditation

details coming soon...

Continuing Education Program for Teachers


Are you looking for deepening your yoga practice or developing your teaching skills with the guidance of a highly experienced teacher in a unique, personalized way?

We have something special for you!​

Ayurveda Courses


Health is more than eating nutritious food.

It is a lifestyle: a routine in alignment with nature; seasonal, fresh, well-combined food with all the 6 tastes and/or made to balance a dosha &

a daily yoga practice (asana, pranayama, and meditation) to bring or maintain balance in your body.

The Ayurveda courses intend to introduce you to the system of Ayurveda and help you to understand why we are not what we eat, but what we can digest.


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