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Personalised Yoga Packages in Goa

Are you looking for, quality, real growth and taking your practice to the next level?

We have something special for you!​

Yoga, Sun & Beach in a personalised, private setup.

You choose the theme, budget and activities & we guide you to have the best possible yoga experience.

If you are either a beginner,

or wish to take a step ahead into the field of yoga towards non-physical practices

or have been feeling stuck in your practice,

or have been going through injuries or illnesses,

or simply would like personal attention from an experienced senior instructor who can help you adjust the practice to your body's needs,

we have 3 special packages you won't find anywhere else!​

What makes these packages so special? 

Our personalised yoga packages contain one private class in the afternoon, beside the group Flow class in the morning , which will be completely tailored to your needs, interests and goals, making it a truly personal experience.


Beyond Asana

A package with Asana, basic Kriyas, 

Pranayama, Meditation, Mantras and Mythology.

This is for you if you are ready to discover the other aspects of yoga beside your asana practice.

Residential prices start from:

40 000 Rs

Yoga beg.jpg

Hello Yoga

A package for complete beginners.

This is for you if you are a beginner in yoga or if you have never tried it and wish to get a good understanding of the basics.

Residential prices start from:

40 000 Rs


Yoga & Ayurveda

A package with daily yoga classes, ayurvedic massages and personal consultations on Ayurvedic Nutrition and other Ayurvedic practices.

This is for you if you would like to better understand the needs of your body & mind to achieve the best of your health physically and mentally.

Residential prices start from:

55 000 Rs

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