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Adai or Moong Bean Pancake - My favourite brunch

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Moong Bean pancake

This recipe is South-Indian in origin, it can be called a fancy pancake and it has many variations.

You find here the one, which is tridosic. Eat it when you are low in energy.

1 cup of split moong bean, wash and soak for min 6 hours.

1/3 cup of basmati rice (a bit less then that if brown) and soak it also for min 6 hours.

A handful of coriander leaves and

6 curry leaves (fresh if available)


Blend first the lentil separately and then the rice with the greens. Mix them well, add some salt and its ready to be pan fried in either sunflower/coconut or mustard oil (if you are a kapha type). Use the oil in moderation.

You can eat it plain, with spiced yogurt or with some chutney (dip).


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