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Chickpea Pancake 🥞, my version 😊

Chickpea Pancake

Serves 2 / +V, -P, -K 2/3 cup chickpea flour 2/3 cup water ½ humped teaspoon of baking powder a pinch of turmeric ¼ teaspoon roman cumin (or to taste) ¼ teaspoon garlic grated 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar salt to taste Fry the pancakes in a non sticky pan with few drops of sunflower or coconut oil. Serve it with sauteed or grilled seasonal vegetables , salad and tomato-pumpkin spread. . Tomato🍅 pumpkin spread: 10 dkg pumpkin or sunflower seed 4-5 sun-dried tomatoes or cocktail tomatoes 1 clove grated garlic a pinch of salt 1 dl cold pressed sunflower or pumpkin seed oil In a processor grate the pumpkin seed with the oil, then add the tomatoes if fresh (if sun-dried then that comes first) and the rest of the ingredients. You can add fresh herbs here too if you wish. 🌮 👉 If you have Vata imbalance use millet instead of chickpea flour. 👉 If you have Kapha imbalance use more spices and less of the spread.

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