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Mashed Potato 🥔with Roasted Eggplant 🍆- super tasty, quick and easy recipe

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Potato Eggplant easy recipe
Mashed Potato & Roasted Eggplant

Being a Pitta-Vatta type eggplant has never been my favourite (no wonder), however in this combination I find it easy to digest and not overheating. Try it if you are any combination of kapha, I'm sure you will love it. You can omit fennel and sweet paprika if you want.

Serves 2/ 0 V, + P, - K

1 medium eggplant 4 medium potatoes (good quality white, bad quality turns into a glue like stuff) ½ lime or balsamic vinegar 2-3 cloves of garlic 1/3 teaspoon of black pepper ½ teaspoon of sweet paprika (can be omitted for kaphas) 1 teaspoon of fennel (can be omitted for kaphas) a pinch of nutmeg 3*1 cm piece of butter 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil ½ dl of almond milk salt to taste


Mix the grated garlic, lime juice, black pepper, fennel and sweet paprika, 2 pinches of salt with 2 spoons of cold pressed sunflower oil, then cut the eggplant lengthwise into thin slices and marinate them into the mixture. Let it sit until the potatoes are done. Put the pealed potatoes to boil with a pinch of salt. When soft remove the water, break the 🥔 with folk, add the butter, almond milk, a pinch of black pepper and nutmeg and mix it well until it is nice creamy. Mashed potato ready. Put a non sticky pan to heat up well and roast eggplants. If you managed to cut them enough thin & you have a good pan it will take just minutes and you won't need extra oil or only very little.

Serve it with green salad sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.


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