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Soups of Summer I. - White pumpkin soup

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Ayurvedic recipt, soup, white pumpkin, healthy soup
White Pumpkin soup

Serves 2/ - Vatta, - Pitta, + Kapha

1 medium white pumpkin

1 medium potato

2-3 fresh green onion

2 medium size garlic

a handful of chopped dill (can omit or be less or more depending on your taste)

5-6 basil leaves chopped

two pinches of black pepper

one pinch of nutmeg (can omit)

2 tablespoon of oil (sesame for vatta, coconut for pitta, olive for kapha or sunflower for all)

salt to taste for

  • if you like some more freshness you can add the skin of a lime and the juice of the 1/2 (skin 5 mins before ready, juice after its ready)

  • you can use tarragon instead of dill and parsley instead of basil if you wish

  • strong kapha types add some green chilli or red chilli flakes.

This soup is to balance Vatta & of course Pitta in the middle of summer. It slightly increases kapha, however in summer time due to the outside heat and the light nature of white pumpkin it goes well with kapha's too.


Chop pumpkin and potato into medium size pieces, onion and garlic into fine pieces, leave some green of the onion and keep it aside. Don't bother too much about the chopping shape, it is going to be puréed at the end. Roast on the oil garlic and onion, then add dill and roast that too a little, then add potato and pumpkin, salt, pepper, nutmeg. Once it is close to be cooked add basil and the onion greens kept aside earlier. Cook it for more approx 5 mins, then blend it with a hand blender.

Its ready!!!

I like to add on the top tahini or roasted sesame seed (its even more Vatta satisfying this way).

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