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Soups of Summer II. - Peas & Mint Soup

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

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Peas & Mint Soup

Serves 2 / + V, - P, -K

This soup is rather a Pitta & Kapha balancing one, especially during Summer.

1/2 kg of fresh peas with skin or 1 kg if this will be your main meal (open the peas from cover)

2 handfuls of mint

1 potato (its ok without it)

2 big garlic cloves

a pinch of black pepper

a pinch of nutmeg powder

2 spoons of sunflower oil

salt to taste

you can add more black pepper for Kaphas


Put in a pan the oil, heat it up and add the chopped garlic, after a minute of roasting it add the peas, let them roast for 2 minutes, mix occasionally. Add the chopped potato too.

Add the black pepper, nutmeg and salt. Let it boil until the peas and potato are almost perfectly soft. It is time then to add the mint, cook only for 5 mins more.

Hand blend the 2/3 of it & mix all together. Its ready!

Serve it with toasted bread pieces.

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