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7 ways to start a healthier life with Ayurveda

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

How to start to live a healthier life in line with Ayurveda
Ayurveda - Science of Healthy Life

I have been raised to be conscious of what, when and how much I eat, which made me curious about different diet systems, however the more I looked into them all seemed to make generalisations, which did not feel right as we are so different in our bodies. I was looking for a system which considers the differences and uses different food combinations for different body types. Ayurveda was the only one I found so I made research and later in India had the chance to observe local practitioners too. I joined a 100 hour practical course to deepen the knowledge of what I read and observed.

I'm implementing into my life more and more from Ayurveda regarding routine, diet and yoga practice.

These "implementations" are rather minor changes then turning everything upside down, so it is easy to integrate them into everyday life and they become a routine. What can be the changes you start with?

  • Wake up at sunrise or just one hour earlier then you normally do. This new habit will not just give you a stunning start of your day & "extra" minutes, but with time you will feel fresher and more dynamic throughout the day too.

  • Include Oil Pulling into your morning ritual. This 15 mins practice ensures mouth hygiene.

  • Start the day with a cup of warm ginger water to help eliminate toxins.

  • Include Self Oil Massage with the appropriate oil into your bathing ritual. This 5-20 mins practice can heal/keep away minor skin infections and you no longer need to invest in lotions.

  • Observe how you feel after meals and leave out only one item from your diet, which makes you lethargic or tired after eating. I will create a big change in your energy level.

  • Make your lunch a ritual by eating it almost always same time, giving full attention to it, enjoying each bite without any disturbance.

  • Include Yoga into your weekly schedule at least once or if you are practising Yoga already try a new style, which is not your favourite (you might actually need the most). It can bring light on the areas you are trying to ignore.

These are just few examples, which create big difference with little time and energy investment. The good effects will be numerous, I can list here mine as an example:

with time my eyesight got better, acidity disappeared, no longer need medicine for my pollen allergies, digestion got smoother and I am more energetic with a calmer head. I'm rarely ill and if I am I heal fast with the help of nature.

Permanent change can happen only step by step. Be patient & start today the change no matter how little it is!

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