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Metal Matters - The simplest way to benefit from them

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Did you know that different metal ware can support your immunity?

Gold is nurturing all the doshas and helps to reduce eye disorders.

Silver cools the bodily fire, regulates the digestive fire and promotes hepatic function. In general soothes overworking Pitta (Fire).

Brass promotes heat and wind in the body. It can cure phlegmatic disorders and alleviate Kapha (Earth) disorders.

Copper is best as drinking vessel, it awakens the tissues and assists the prana to evacuate wastes.

Zinc improves appetite and sharpens intellect.

Stainless steel (and glass, best if crystal) helps healing jaundice and chlorosis. They also purify and cool the system.

You don't necessarily need to invest into a full set of kitchen ware made of the desired metal, rather have one cup to drink water from it. Fill your cup with water and let it sit in it for a while.

Which metal to choose for yourself?

Pick gold or zinc if you are Vata type; silver, crystal or glass if you are Pitta type; and brass or copper if you are Kapha type.

Metal's contribution to health based on Ayurveda

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