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How to break-fast based on Ayurveda

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

What do you prefer to have for breakfast and when?

Do you like to have something right after waking up or just before work at your workplace? Maybe on the way or nothing at all? Or do you prefer combining your breakfast and lunch into a brunch between 11-12?

Do you like sweet or salty breakfast? Warm or cold? With juice, tea, coffee or without? Do you make it yourself or buy it?

Well, at least now you gave a thought about your breakfast and this is a good start.

Ayurveda has guidelines and recommendations in this topic too for each type.

Generally speaking our body is aligned to nature, so our digestive fire is weak in the morning time, which is Kapha time and as the sun gets stronger our digestive fire gets stronger. There are few clear suggestions for everyone:

  1. Have a light breakfast latest by 8 am preferably.

  2. Do not eat it on the go or in hurry (just like any other meal).

  3. Start the day at least with something warm e.g. a herbal tea or ginger water to gently kindle the digestive fire.

  4. Do not start your day with black tea or coffee as it can harm the mucus lining of your stomach. Also do not mix black tea or coffee (so caffeine) with your breakfast (or any meal) as it rushes out the food from your stomach.

  5. Do not have milk with your breakfast unless you cook it together with your grains.

  6. Do not drink big amount of liquid right before your breakfast (sipping small amount of herbal tea, warm water or spiced water during meal is fine).

Oat Porridge with sauteed Apples

For Vatas its recommended to have breakfast as you are the type who do not really preserve energy. You are looking for something that gives energy, so carbs, is still light-easy to digest, warm and moist. If you are not in habit to have breakfast eat some stewed apple or other fruits or have a warm cup of spiced milk to start with. If you are hungry have the lighter versions of warm porridge sweet or salty extra liquidy. You can use oats, semolina, rice or wheat with milk or almond milk, light spices like cinnamon and cardamom, some seeds or light vegetables like green peas, carrots with spices like roman cumin, cinnamon and a bit of turmeric. Do you prefer other savoury tastes? Try the Sweet Potato Spread or Cottage cheese with Sauteed Garlic & Spinach with a sprinkle of sesame seed.

vegan, omlette, vegetarian
Vegan Omlette

For Pitta type the digestion is not so much a problem, it may be however to keep it cool in the head so you are looking for something solid, cooling so with enough protein, but not necessarily cold, slightly moist and not oily. Do not keep yourself hungry, have a vegetable juice at least or a cup of cardamom/saffron milk if you have less time. When you have more time a nice barley, spelt or cream of wheat porridge with some roasted nuts/seeds & dry fruits and a sprinkle of cardamom will fill you up and keep the digestive fire in control until lunch. If you prefer something savoury try the savoury version of Tapioca, Tofu Scrumble or go for Vegan Omelette (eggs are fine too during winter on occasion).

If you don't feel hungry don't eat rather have some fruits around 10 am as a snack and you can go ahead with an earlier lunch/brunch.

Carrot-Ginger Spread

For Kaphas skipping breakfast is ok as you are the masters of preserving energy, however if you know there is a busy day ahead do not skip it. You may definitely start your day with a nice cup of herbal tea or ginger-lemon water. If you eat choose something very light, well spiced and dry e.g. Rye or Buckwheat Granola with some sauteed berries, like cranberry.

If you favour savoury then go for Moong Bean Pancake with a nice spicy chatni/dip or a Carrot-Ginger Spread with rye or buckwheat bread.

You don't need to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy these dishes.

What you may feel to have might be influenced by the weather, your day, age and other parameters. Even if you are a Pitta type on a rainy, dark morning you might feel having something super light but filling, so you can go for a Moong Bean Pancake.

Try, feel and then change, may be just for a week first.

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